JFK & 9-11: Policy Coups

320px-911report_cover_HIGHRES440px-WarrenReport-cover1Imagine how the world would be if the big lies about the JFK assassination and the big lies about 9-11 had never been promulgated by the lamestream media, heads of state, Congress, the Court and Hollywood.

For fifty years, the human journey on this planet has veered off course by the assassination of  President John F. Kennedy.  The Federal (not) Reserve (none) resumed its hold on creation of U.S. dollars out of thin air which we are allowed to rent at interest.  The assassination of JFK led to an escalation by Johnson, a coconspirator, of the war in Vietnam, a Zionist war which Kennedy was about to end.    Israel became a nuclear power and continues to be a central figure in the seemingly unending “war on terrorism”–even attacking the USS Liberty while President Johnson is reported to have growled:  “I want that ship on the bottom!” as a rescue mission from the nearby Navy carrier was said to have been called back.

The Warren Commission Report withheld findings of the JFK investigation that we were told would be released in coming years–now postponed until after 2030.  The harvest of the JFK cover-up seemingly continues until then.

“There will come a time when testimony taken by the Commission will be made public. But it might not be in your lifetime. There may be some things that would involve security. This would be preserved but not made public.” — Earl Warren

In case you haven’t seen this, JFK wrote a letter to the Israeli prime minister a few months before the assassination, asking that U.S. scientists be allowed to inspect the nuclear facilities at Dimona.  Israel continues to refuse signing nuclear non-proliferation and chemical weapons treaties.

Twin Tower squibs

The big lies of 9-11 continue to yield for the real perpetrators a harvest of over 1 million lives lost, many millions displaced, infrastructure of muslim countries destroyed, Islamic (non-usury) central banks replaced with Rothschild-style usury banks and government leaders replaced.  Official narratives about 9-11 blame the “Lee Harvey Muslims” which most stunned Americans accepted without question.  Now that the shock has worn off and the wars seemingly are without end, increasing numbers of awakened human beings are asking questions about who really planted the explosives in the World Trade Center buildings.  HERE

At the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, the Warren Commission Report is seen as another big lie of the deep state operatives.

Domestic surveillance and a growing police state in the USA follow the urgency to pass the so-called “Patriot Act” which guts protections of Constitutional liberties.

* both events were blamed on patsies: in one case, Lee Harvey Oswald, the “lone” gunman; in the other, 19 Arabs, the fake hijackers

*both events led directly to costly and disastrous wars that would not have happened otherwise: the assassination of JFK led to an escalation by Johnson, a coconspirator, of the war in Vietnam, a Zionist war which Kennedy was about to end; and 9-11 led to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

*both events therefore led to huge increases in defense spending which directly benefited defense contractors like General Dynamics, a Texas-based company that was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1962

* both events involved physically impossible “explanations”: in one case, the “magic bullet” which violated the Laws of Physics by allegedly reversing course in mid-air; in the other, the “magic” jet fuel (kerosine) which violated the Laws of Chemistry by allegedly melting steel when it burns at only half the temperature needed to melt steel

* both events involved a catastrophic failure to follow standard operating procedures: in one case, Kennedy’s motorcade was routed into an unsecured “killing zone” and the Secret Service Agents backed away from his car; in the other, jets were not scrambled to intercept the “hijacked” planes

* both events involved the tampering with and destruction of forensic evidence: in one case, information about the autopsy; in the other, the illegal destruction of the steel from the WTC site

* both events were “investigated” by bodies with a clear conflict of interest and were challenged by critics as deeply flawed: in one case, the Warren Commission; in the other, the 9-11 Commission

* in both events, insiders who blew the whistle were summarily ignored and dismissed: in one case, Fletcher Prouty and E. Howard Hunt; in the other, Sibel Edmonds and Coleen Rowley

* both events were approved, planned, and perpetrated by the highest levels of the Global Dark Cabal including the CIA and, so called, President of the United States

* both events have been covered up by Hollywood and the Global Corporate Media

* dozens of key witnesses to each event died mysteriously within months of the event

* both events feature James Fetzer claiming the video evidence was faked

* both events benefited Global Zionism and the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex

Had our parents’ generation not allowed “them” to get away with the Kennedy assassination, 9-11 would not have happened–the perpetrators of the Kennedy assassination and their complicit mass media shills would have been in jail…or hung by the neck until dead.

Our deepest gratitude to James Corbett of THE CORBETT REPORT for the next two videos which educate to the horrors of these times with high humor:

These are among the traitors to be first indicted, arrested, interrogated and prosecuted for treason–and other crimes.

Warren Commission Report











Instant Solution:

Within hours we — the American people — were told the crime(s) were solved.

Think about it…

Kennedy is shot on a Friday. So all weekend all Americans watched TV….  Then Sunday morning… the main patsy, oops I mean suspect, is killed by a local mobster…. interesting set of coincidences.. All while we watched and digested the official story.  Don’t overlook the facts that Jack Ruby was born Jacob Leon Rubenstein and that Rubenstein had worked for Richard Nixon back in 1947 during his term of office in California.


Flash forward to one year past 2000. We watch the buildings collapse on TV while the ticker-tape trailers flowed across the screen. Within the first two hours we were told we had 19 bad guys lead by a SUPER bad guy were the perpetrators…  OK….. ??

Mass media, banking, military, government, heads of state, all colluding to create this “Rich Man’s Trick”



We believe so many lies…

1963        “Fool me once shame on you…. — JFK
2001        fool me twice shame on me….. — 9 / 11
2013          Now is the time for
 NO MORE shame.” — 911Justice Campaign


Watch the lamestream media documentary about JFK assassination on National Geographic.  RICO (racketeering) statutes must be brought to bear against these large media corporations which operate as propaganda ministries for criminal elements at the top of banking and government.  Disband the “news” agencies and turn over news and reporting activities to university schools of journalism with oversight by ombudsmen committees.  Return to the purpose of “informing the public”–and reject the regular bamboozling of the public by mass media.






The Henry Crown family of Chicago controlled the nearly bankrupt General Dynamics (a Fort Worth, Texas, based company at the time) at the time of the JFK assassination and 9-11 and that it profited from the wars that followed each event.  Most importantly, people connected to the Henry Crown family played key roles in bolstering the official version that there was no conspiracy behind either event.

Henry Crown’s personal lawyer, Albert E. Jenner, Jr., served on the Warren Commission where he was tasked with investigating if there was a conspiracy behind Lee Harvey Oswald or Jack Ruby.

Immediately after 9-11, people on the payroll of Henry Crown played key roles in supporting the flawed official version of what caused the destruction of the World Trade Center:  Zdenek Bazant, a professor at Northwestern University presented his paper claiming that the collapses occurred due to fire-induced weakening of the buildings – on September 13, 2001.  Bazant works at the school of engineering at Northwestern that is funded by the Crown family.

Likewise, W. Gene Corley, another associate of the Crown family, headed the FEMA/ASCE investigation of what caused the collapses of the Twin Towers.  Corley is a concrete specialist who did a similar service at the Waco massacre and the Oklahoma City bombing.  Corley is associated with the Crown family through his work with the American Concrete Institute (Illinois).  He received the Henry Crown award from this institute in 1997 – for his work on the Oklahoma City bombing.  It should be noted that Corley claimed to know nothing about how steel can be tested for evidence of explosives.

So, the Henry Crown family of Chicago (and controlling family of General Dynamics), who profited greatly from the wars that followed both events, ALSO had key people who were on their payroll involved in the official investigations of both the JFK murder and 9-11 — and these Crown agents were key supporters of the FALSE version of both crimes.

Additional reading:

http://news.yahoo.com/50-years-no-end-questions-jfk-death-192053549.html;_ylt=AwrSyCSt7nhSgVgAvl7QtDMD  Jesse Ventura:  “I wanted it on the record, for whatever it’s worth: 100 years from now people will know the 38th governor of Minnesota did not believe the Warren Commission.”