What Really Happened?

The events of 9-11 are seared into the collective psyche of this generation. We have all been affected by the catastrophes of that fateful day, but what really happened on 9-11?Some people believe an outlandish conspiracy theory involving 19 Arab hijackers who allegedly: commandeered four commercial jets with nothing more than their cunning, wit, resolve, hatred of America, and some box cutters; then proceed to fly these aircraft around US airspace unfettered for a total lapsed time of over an hour; on three of the planes, pulled stunning flight maneuvers beyond the capability of even expert pilots; and, managed to cause damage to their targets — one of which just happens to have been the most heavily defended building in the world — so extreme as to be in clear violation of several well understood laws of Physics, Chemistry, and Thermodynamics. This amazing conspiracy theory is even more suspicious and bizarre in that it is the one proffered by the United States Government (USG) and the 9-11 Cover-Up Omission Commission. In the 9-11 Truth Movement we call it the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT).

Thankfully, despite the best efforts of the corporate-controlled media and virtually the entire US Congress, there are literally millions of people in this country and millions more around the world who do not believe that these 19 Arabs, as clever as they purportedly were, could have somehow suspended the laws of Physics on 9-11.

Are There Competing Conspiracy Theories?

We just observed that the official story of 9-11 is in fact a “conspiracy theory”… and a wacky one at that, one that happens to be physically impossible!There must be another explanation, one that doesn’t require us to rewrite most of Newtonian Physics. There is, in fact, another explanation that is supported by the empirical evidence, the observed events of the day. It is more than a “conspiracy theory” at this point. It has been sufficiently verified, tested, and refined to be rightly called a “conspiracy reality”.

True, there are competing conspiracy “theories”, but they only compete with the OCT not the conspiracy reality, as they all have anomalies, inconsistencies, improbabilities, and out right impossibilities that will keep them forever in the realm of “theory” unsupported by fact. These conspiracy “theories” that eschew the OCT only to embrace other utter nonsense (like: planes didn’t hit the WTC, holograms and “video trickery” were used instead; the three WTC skyscrapers demolished on 9-11 were destroyed by exotic, space-based, directed energy beam weapons; a commercial jet really did hit the Pentagon) are in reality all part of a concerted COINTELPRO-style USG disinformation campaign designed to splinter and marginalize those of us who have solved the Rubik’s Cube of 9-11. These “theories” don’t compete with what is known to be true by the vast majority of the 9-11 Truth Movement, they are deliberate and elaborate disinformation campaigns designed to make those of us who do know the truth look foolish by association.

What Is The Real Conspiracy?

Here is a synopsis of what the best and brightest researchers around the world have gleaned over the past five-plus years from the best evidence available:* yes, 9-11 was a “terrorist” attack, but it was not perpetrated by “angry Arabs”, it was a State-sponsored “inside job”, a “false flag” operation planned, executed, and covered up by elements of the USG and operatives from at least two other countries… it was the greatest act of psychological warfare ever perpetrated;* the alleged 19 Arab “hijackers” were “patsies”, several are still alive, several were under the care and feeding of USG operatives and were being “trained” at CIA-operated flight schools;* FBI field agents who discovered the plot were told by their superiors not to investigate the “suspicious Arabs in flight schools”;* no interceptor jets were launched in a timely manner on 9-11 because of the five to seven overlapping war games— “games” simulating a simultaneous hijacking of several planes — that were taking place on 9-11;* the planes that hit the Twin Towers were remotely controlled to their intended targets;

* WTC 1 and 2 (the Twin Towers) and WTC 7 were all destroyed by preplanted charges — a combination of the incendiary thermate and highly explosive nano-thermite — in controlled demolitions {Note: Thermate and nano-thermite is the only evidence that has passed peer review and is admissible to a Grand Jury as a matter of fact.};

* the Pentagon was also wired with explosives and hit by a military drone painted to look like American Airlines flight 77, possibly in combination with a cruise missile;

* the cell-phone calls allegedly made from the “hijacked” flights were not possible with the technology available on 9-11 from the altitude and speed at which the jets were traveling, these calls were faked to help sell the OCT;

* the fate of United flight 93 is still up for debate at this time, it seems to have been intended to hit WTC 7 or Congress and was likely shot down by a “rogue” air force interceptor, but some reports claim it landed in Cleveland (one way or another, all passengers are dead).

Why Kill Your Own People?

This is the toughest part for the uninitiated to understand. The people who planned and executed the treasonous, heinous crimes of 9-11 are largely drawn from a handful of people known as NeoCons. Many of these are current or former members of PNAC (Project for the New American Century). Many are disciples of Leo Strauss, a German-born, fascistic, political philosopher who taught at the University of Chicago. Strauss thought that the average person was too stupid to decide what is in their best interest and that a ruling elite should govern all of humanity.Taking a long-term perspective, 9-11 was conceived as a “stepping stone” to eventually enable the creation of aNew World Order (NWO), the ultimate goal of the ruling elite — one global, fascistic, police state in perpetual war against an unseen enemy… terrorism.

There were also several short-term objectives of 9-11: to push the USA Patriot Act through a compliant and complicit Congress; to declare war on Afghanistan and Iraq; to create a “siege mentality” in the USA and around the world; to eliminate the Constitution and in doing so eliminate Constitutional Rights and civil liberties; to dramatically increase military and “security” spending; to further divide the country; to rapidly militarize local police; to set the stage for the next “9-11”; and, ultimately, to prepare for martial law.

How Could They Keep It Secret?

Most people assume that for insiders to have pulled off 9-11 would have taken so many people that someone would have talked by now.First of all, it seems likely that there were as few as roughly 140 people who were intimately involved in the details of 9-11. On this site, you can see pictures and a short bio of the 90 people who are highly likely to be the top criminal coconspirators guilty of the planning, execution, and subsequent cover-up of the treason and mass murder that took place on 9-11.

As far as why no one has confessed, look at it this way: everyone involved in 9-11, even those only involved in the cover-up, are guilty of crimes for which they could possibly receive a death sentence if convicted. If that isn’t enough incentive to remain silent, i don’t know what is! How many times has a criminal ever confessed to a crime for which they were not even a suspect?! Criminals will only confess if they’re convinced they’ve been caught and they’re willing to make a deal for leniency if they reveal their cohorts.

Furthermore, when you read the names on the list of suspected perpetrators, you’ll see right away what a tight-knit little group it is. If there were even a shadow of a doubt about someone’s loyalty, they would not have been invited into this cabal.

About the List of Suspected 9-11 Criminal Coconspirators

This list was compiled after many hours of research. Many, if not most, of the people named here were very likely criminally involved in the planning, execution, and cover-up of the crimes of 9-11 — crimes which include mass murder, accessory to mass murder, and treason. There is a slim possibility that a few people named here should not be on this list. If evidence surfaces that would exonerate someone named here, their name will be removed.Clearly, there are people who were involved who are not on this list; for instance, the people on the small team of demolition experts who actually wired WTC 1, 2, and 7 for demolition. We won’t have a final verdict on all of the perpetrators until a new and fully independent 9-11 investigation is launched that has the ability to subpoena documents and question suspects under oath.

If you would like to offer someone to be added to the list of suspected perpetrators, you can submit pertinent information to contact@whodidit.org.

Please note: In an effort to reclaim the meaning of certain highly-charged words, the word “defense” has been replaced by the word “war” in all USG department names, position titles, and policy boards. For instance, “Secretary of Defense” is retitled “Secretary of War” to more accurately reflect the true nature of the position.

Analysis of the Suspected 9-11 Criminal Coconspirators

Of the 103 people named on the list of Suspected 9-11 Criminal Coconspirators there are:

  • 22 current or former members of George W. Bush’s White House (21.4%);
  •   4 current or former members of Congress (3.9%);
  •   6 current or former FBI agents or officials (5.8%);
  •   6 current or former CIA agents or officials (5.8%);
  •   6 current or former officials of New York (5.8%);
  • 12 current or former high-ranking USG military commanders (11.7%);
  • 13 current or former USG officials (not included above) (12.6%);
  • 12 current or former members of PNAC (11.7%);
  • 16 consultants, lobbyists, or members of a “think tank” (not including PNAC) (15.5%);
  • 12 engineers (11.7%);
  • 34 current or former corporate executives (33.0%);
  •   4 senior “statesmen” (3.9%);
  •   5 members of the Bush family (4.9%);
  •   1 Canadian (1.0%);
  •   1 Pakistani (1.0%);
  •   2 Arabs (1.9%);
  •   2 Brits (1.9%);
  •   4 known or suspected Mossad agents (3.9%);
  • 14 people who hold “dual citizenship” (13.6%); and
  • 27 Israelis and Zionists (including people with “dual citizenship” noted above) (26.2%).

Note: Since the same person can be counted in more than one category, the tally above will not add up to 103 and the percentages will not total to 100%.

What Can We Do?

Once you know the truth of what really happened on 9-11 and you realize that a handful of people at the highest levels of the USG, US Military, Israel, and the corporate world committed mass murder and treason on 9-11, it’s impossible to simply look the other way and carry on as if the OCT fairy tale were true.

The perpetrators of the “false flag” attack of 9-11 committed an abominable crime and have, so far, escaped prosecution. If they are not removed from power in the very near future it is virtually assured that they will try to do another 9-11-style attack. The biggest difference is the next one will be much worse, most likely involving a nuclear device, and the outcome will be much worse as well. Expect the following: casualties in the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands; an immediate declaration of Martial Law; the total suspension of the Constitution and all Civil Rights; the abolition of Congress; and the hasty coronation of the sitting House-of-Rothschild-ordained “President” as Dictator of the Americas.

Don’t let anybody tell you, “One person can’t make a difference”!  Tell your friends and family the uncomfortable truth about 9-11.  Organize talks about 9-11 in your home, at your community library, your church, the local Rotary Club. Vote for 9-11 Truth Candidates for public office.  Join the 9-11 Justice Campaign.  Individually and together we can, we must, and we will see that the perpetrators of 9-11 are removed from power and brought to justice.


  1. Let’s get this campaign off the ground!

    • I can help with finding places to show these documentaries. I can help with handing out literature. I have t-shirt ideas, (you should definitely sell t-shirts to raise money) I think you should do something EVERY MONTH on the 11th so that people can see we haven’t forgotten. So that’s what I can do. How do I find the group in my area?

  2. Bill Kearns

    An investigation needs to be made to determine who did such an abominable act and to punish those responsible.

    • galen

      Bill, we have plenty enough evidence to bring the case before a Grand Jury — galen

    • Edken

      we were attacked alright. the question is by WHO, and the REAL Reasons WHY…


      The 9/11 Terrorism unanswerable question.

      The 2002 Congressional Report on 9/11, had 28 pages classified which implicates one or more foreign intelligence agencies in the planning and execution of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

      On Dec. 3, 2013, two congressmen, Stephen Lynch D-MA and Walter Jones R-NC, after reading those classified pages, have made an emergency request for Congressional Resolution demanding that President Obama declassify the full report.

      Why have both government and non-government organizations neglected this historic news and; How could concealing true identities of terrorists protect national security?!

      Wake up!
      The real terrorism problems are ignored while the fake ones are taken up as dire and disastrous. Doesn’t that scream the question to you?

      Perhaps there’s no agenda in protecting us from the real terrorists.
      Perhaps the real agenda is in us letting them terrorize us.

      NOTE: There are numerous miscellaneous reader comments which follow each of these 2 articles, which may ‘burn a few ears’. Get past those few and read the additional KEY information that ‘some’ readers bring forth; it is Significant! (remember, it is NOT the whole of each country’s people who are guilty of earth shaking criminal acts; it is very small groups within govt’s who do these deeds!)

      Why would AIPAC protect Saudis from 9/11 probe?


      And another related story with a youtube and other information:
      (paste these links into your browser):



  3. May I offer for your consideration a letter I faxed to Russian Embassy September 5? This letter was actually the fax transmittal cover sheet message I used. I could forward this letter and authenticating information directly if you wished. The letter is now posted on Uticans for 911 Truth website also.

    • galen

      Dear John, thank you for contacting the 911JC. I just read your excellent letter to the Russian Embassy. Very well done! I think both of your ideas are sound. Have they gotten back to you?

      When the time is right, we’d welcome Uticans for 911 Truth as part of the Grand Alliance that’s forming.

      More to come… — galen

  4. Lt Col Dave Gapp (Ret)

    Pretty good summary of the anomalies in the Official 9/11 Commission Report. Focus on what the OCT is, and then dispute that with what is Improbable, vs Probable.

    • galen

      Sir, thank you for your helpful comment.

      As the 911JC gains momentum i hope we can count on you to mention what we’re doing to your colleagues.

      I know that the Top Brass of the US Military knows what really happened on 9-11. i also know that brave White-Hat Military (primarily the Navy) have given their lives to foil several attempted false-flags since 9-11.

      Even though the 911JC is in its infancy, we’re far enough along to begin building the Grand Alliance which must include the White-Hat Military if we expect to be successful.

      Best regards — galen

  5. MoBetter

    So the whole world is stupid except a few smart guys who figured all this out. Yeah… we didn’t go to the moon either it was all Hollywood. WWII was staged by a hand full of actors Tom Hanks and company. All those passengers in those planes were actually kidnapped by alien and brought to their spaceship hidden behind Hale Bob asteroid.

    What a crock of shit.

    • MoBetter, your post shows you’re confused on many levels on many issues.

      First of all we’re not the only people to have figured this out. As a matter of fact, people who accept the impossible lies of 9-11, people like you, are now in the minority in the USA. Check the recent polls, why don’t you?

      Furthermore, there is absolutely nothing on this site about the Moon Landing nor WW II, so why did you bring them up other than to attempt to discredit the sound science of the truth of 9-11 with spurious arguments?

      By the way, the crock you mention is the one on your head.

      MoBetter, i can only wonder what you’re “MoBetter” than.

  6. Solan

    I live in Norway, and I have investigated the 911 story for more than ten years now. I really appreciate what you people now have started, and I hope the 911Justice Campaign really takes off. In my opinion this is the world’s most important peace issue; to prosecute and put to justice the perpetrators behind this crime against humanity. And thus preventing them from doing new crimes. Keep up the good work!
    Best regards from Norway

  7. William Tonner

    What do you think could have happened to the ‘Pentagon plane’?

  8. digitalcomposites

    Like the site but slightly contradictory when you claim to understand the laws of physics but embrace those videos of Flight 175 melting into the WTC and out the otherside like it was a ghost.

    • Edken

      The importance is bringing the real perpetrators and those who cover-up the crimes of 9-11 to justice. We won’t be drawn into a debate about “no planes” here.

  9. Karen

    I heard about the plan for a terrorist attack designed to pass a so-called “Patriot Act”, which was part of a plan to strip Americans of their constitutional rights BACK IN THE 80’s. I read about it from a newsletter that I had subscribed to, where they claimed to have “insiders” reporting on what was going on behind closed doors at the U.N. I will not reveal the name of that organization, but now that it came to pass, I would like to do something to bring these bastards to justice. How may be of service? I don’t have a lot of money, but I do have some talents…

  10. roman

    Has anybody checked the passengers? What if they were also insiders pros less innocent lifes and less insiders. Ive checked them and there are 6 known engineers from Raytheon on average there should have been around 0,05 on all the planes and there was no relation between them

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