Introduction to 9-11 Justice

The 9-11 Justice Campaign… Now or Never!

The terrible events of 9-11 have been more thoroughly and widely investigated than anything else in modern history.  Thousands of earnest people from around the world have collectively spent millions of hours over the years researching every aspect of that fateful day.

(UPDATE:  9-14-22 The urgency to cement narratives involving museums … control of the narratives: )

(UPDATE: 1-2-18  Gilad Atzmon explains Jewish control of the 9-11 Truth Movement … control of the narratives: )

(UPDATE:  May 21, 2014 Mayor Bloomberg dedicates 9/11 Memorial Museum to consecrate the official lies of 9/11  Watch here: )

(UPDATE:  August 2, 2015  “must read” treatise )

Consequently, this large investigative community knows with absolute certainty that the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) asserting 19 Arab hijackers – the OCT concocted by the actual perpetrators and promoted by the global media – is an outrageous, often self-contradictory and physically impossible, web of lies. The community knows as well from the 9-11 planners at the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) the purposes of 9-11: to wage war, steal natural resources, and promote the emerging New World Order (NWO) Global Fascist Police State.  We, the investigators, know what really happened on 9-11; we know who the leading suspects are (see for a partial list); and we know cui bono, who benefited.

So, without further investigation, we have sufficient evidence to convene a Grand Jury, subpoena the leading suspected coconspirators, and issue indictments.  We must set our sights on 9-11 Justice, while we still can.

Khazarian Mafia:

A group of Israelis were observed video recording the planes as they hit the Twin Towers–indicating advance knowledge of the alleged ‘surprise attacks’.


(UPDATE:  March 6, 2017 Study this writing by Anna Von Reitz and please comment how we can collaborate to open the Pandora’s box of 9-11 via grand juries. )

The United States is comprised of 50 sovereign States and 3144 Counties ranging in size from almost 10 million people to as few as 100.  Every one of these Counties can elect a Judge, District Attorney, Sheriff, Clerk, and Auditor.  Since the US federal government has actively covered up the crimes of 9-11 and protected the guilty parties, We-the-People are obliged to take action, at the very least, at the County level, to ensure that justice is done.

A single County – with committed, justice-minded elected officials in place – has the power to bring the treasonous mass-murderers who planned, perpetrated, and subsequently covered up the crimes of 9-11 before a Grand Jury.  While one County alone suffices to achieve justice, it is advisable to pursue this in at least two Counties per State.  Such wide pursuit ensures a broad base of support and no single point of failure.

Since the psychopathic criminals behind 9-11 continue to manipulate international events based on the lies of 9-11 and seem hellbent on preemptive nuclear strikes against at least Iran, Russia and China, the fate of humanity and our world hangs in the balance.

As we pull the thread of 9-11 Justice, all the machinations of the Globalist New World Order will come to a grinding halt. Humanity will finally free itself from the endless wars, corruption, debt slavery, and lies that have plagued us, the People, for generations.

The Major Mass Media can be a powerful tool of promoting ethics, morality and exposing injustice and corruption in the Government and in business. But it is now hijacked and compromised with owners and Editors serving as agents of those who have hijacked America and have worked so hard to nullify the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law.

For any hope of a future, we must see that the planners and perpetrators of 9-11 are brought to justice.  Those who cover-up 9/11 are equally guilty and all the guilty deserve to be dealt with using racketeering statutes which include seizure of assets.  Don’t let anyone tell you that seven billion people are powerless to stop several thousand from lording over them.

Please join us!  For more information, contact the 9-11 Justice Campaign (911JC) at

Listen to our interview with James Corbett:

Here’s the evidence summary that 9-11 activists have been longing for–a presentation seen live by about 4000 people made February 18, 2017 at the Nation of Islam annual convention in Detroit:


Recommend you visit:

Create common law courts and citizens grand juries in your locality.

ITCCS: Announcing the opening of Coventry Common Law Court

Want to ally with our cause?  Make a comment and we’ll reply.  Requests of anonymity are respected…type ‘private’ in the message and we won’t post your comment publicly.

List R-oA2014  [editor’s note:  explore the PDFs associated with each named conspirator]

The following 737 individuals all actively and knowingly conspire in well-planned efforts and constructions to consolidate power and resources – with the intention to establish a world government which would provide them with full immunity from any form of prosecution regarding their past and future crimes – and are therefore, according to Round-op Alpha, collectively guilty of crimes against the sovereignty of their respective nations and against humanity as a whole, i.e.:

  • High-level brigandage: Looting of public wealth; oppressing of populations; attacking the rights to good health, education, personal/national sovereignty and real security; the murdering in name of corporate profits; democide; psychological warfare; (eco-) terrorism – which deliberately jeopardizes any attempts for world peace and causes regional, cultural tensions, armed conflicts, forced poverty and the decay of the public’s health, the public order and society as a whole.

Judicial reform at the Federal level is a priority.     Federal judges appointed for lifetime are a key area of corruption in achieving justice.  Judge Alvin Hellerstein is complicit in the cover-up of 9/11 through his efforts to keep family members of 9/11 victims from getting their day in court.



  1. Andre Grossenbacher

    Hey guys,

    Good work… it will be an uphill battle. I am going to send this site out to my friends here in Ecuador and the States.

    Andre Grossenbacher

    • galen

      Andre, thank you! — galen

    • Edken

      If the so-called Elders of the Protocols of Zion have their plan for world domination (hardly out of ignorance) — and are succeeding quite nicely (hardly out of ignorance) — then shouldn’t something a little more effective be done to counter all the death and destruction they are heaping on all Humanity and all life on the Planet?

      Why, for example, did they say they are going to intentionally kill tens of millions of cetaceans — that are now washing up on the beaches all over the world?

      Why are they INTENTIONALLY poisoning everything — food, water, land, air?

      Why are they INTENTIONALLY destroying Humanity’s historical past and ancient land marks?

      Why are they INTENTIONALLY droning and genociding people?

      Why are they INTENTIONALLY sexualizing children and homosexualizing heterosexuals. It just goes on and on everywhere you look ……

      Everything they do, they are doing with INTENTION.

      Isn’t it time now we did something with INTENTION and have our own world plan and pledge (intention) to make it happen?:

      Every one of those points is a stated INTENTION to get our ourselves, Nature, Earth and Evolution back on track to where everything can live and thrive TOGETHER.

      It is a very different INTENDED world to the world we have.

      There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions INTENTIONALLY WORKING FOR THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION PLAN — THEY KNOW NUMBERS COUNT.

      We must do the same — with our plan and INTENTION to pull away from the world THEY HAVE LOCKED US ALL IN TOGETHER (they also know the importance of “Together”).

      As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said:

      “All Together, in a Direction in Which All Together Can Join and Find Completion in a Spiritual Renovation of the Earth”

      That is what Humanity must do on the scaffold of the Pledge — bringing intention to fruition — and following the way Divinity intended.

      You will also find in “The Spiritual UN Gentle Path” book — there is no devil in the details — because we’ve now got the devil out of our world.

      How simple is that? And how efficient is that?

      Clean and simple, TOGETHER — for our COLLECTIVE Evolution.



      • Karen

        ” the so-called Elders of the Protocols of Zion…Everything they do [poisoning, destroying, genociding, etc.], they are doing with INTENTION.” You can understand why when you examine the god that they worship. Watch my YouTube video “Is the God of the Old Testament Really God?” for a total expose.

        We become like the gods that we worship!

      • Absolutely, I have several plans that would take them by such a surprise that we’ll have them in less than 48 hours literally, if only the able did and not just spoke we would win anyway very inspiring write up thank you and may God Almighty Bless Us All.

    • Veteran

      Very few Americans want to even listen. I know that the list of 9/11 truth is growing cause I awoke this year 2015. I was bored and watched 9/11: In Plane Site. I had to watch it many times. I then stumbled on Architects and Engineers 9/11. That cemented it for me. Nano Thermite is the smoking gun. I voted for both Bushes and now feel sick to my stomach. I’m glad more and more military have awoke as well, we Veterans are seeking justice! Nothing less than a firing squad for perpetrators, these scumbags are TRAITORS of the highest degree. Nazism must be purged once and for all. 1913 was the start of the new world order seizing assets-power through the federal Reserve bank. It has never been audited! The truth movement must get some judges to review what evidence is obvious and have scientists, engineers, architects, pilots, demolition experts both military and private, and eye witnesses come forth with facts. GLTA

      • Edken

        Israel benefitted from 9-11. Netanyahu said so.

        And, we have these key suspects in key positions to plan, execute and/or cover-up 9-11: Hellerstein, Zelikow, Silverstein, Hauer, Zakheim, Kagan, Kristol, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Chertoff, Mukasey, Mueller (FBI), Libby, Bush II, and a host of other likely co-conspirators listed at WhoDidIt

      • gary w. davis

        You must see… September 11, the new Pearl harbor By..Mazzucco. Youtube 5 hours.
        Griffin has one by the same name BUT SEE Mazzucco from italy. You’ll truly know
        95%…then look into the missing 28 Pages. Then you’ll know 99…the final one percent. Our government leader was best friends with THE perpetrators.

      • In the courtroom? Are you kidding? The courts are in on it.

      • It amazes me how ignorant and blind people can be. You make this statement:

        “Nazism must be purged once and for all. 1913 was the start of the new world order seizing assets-power through the federal Reserve bank.”

        The Zionist world bankers are exactly who the Nazis were fighting. Hitler was the last guy to make any headway against them but thanks to a hugely successful never ending demonization campaign that truth will never be fully realized.

  2. Brenda Meinrich

    I knew from that day that the planes did not take down those buildings.

  3. C.R. Starheart

    I’ve been a long time activist for the 9-11 investigation movement, as well as other political issues. I’ve been under surveillance, searches, stalking and harassment for years, beginning after the passage of the Patriot Act.

    I have been denied repeated FOIA requests from numerous Federal agencies in the FBI anti-terrorism task force. Since 2011 I’ve also been targeted for burglaries with numerous illegal surveillance monitoring entries, including times when I was known to be asleep when a computer was altered, and money and keys were stolen out of my wallet and fanny pack. One of my girlfriends was also targeted. This is happening to others also. I was told about one old man (I believe was targeted as well) who thought people were still in his home and began shooting inside his home in Ferry County. There has been at least one out of court settlement in Washington State, as one person in Seattle has informed me.

    Gag orders and FOIA denials are being used to keep everything covered up; obstruct justice; aid, abet and perpetuate the criminal acts which are being committed by government agents, as well as deny myself and others a right to information, restitution and damages. I’ve been targeted for police harassment, and a retaliation arrest for reporting the criminal activities of government agents connected to Homeland Security task force agencies and law enforcement. Nothing the Department of Homeland Security can be believed due to the criminal acts being committed by their agents now and the denial of the release of FOIAs and gag orders on personnel.

    A couple months ago my car alarm siren wire was cut in my engine compartment, which required them to deactivate my car alarm, unlock my drivers’ side door, pull the hood release and unlock the hood lock I had paid to have installed on the hood of my van. Computer security measures have been compromised and there has been ongoing illegal entries into my new storage unit at the new facility which I moved my belongings to, and I have been repeatedly burglarized in two previous storage facilities as well as my former residence. One of the padlocks I had was tapered with and had to be returned to the locksmith for repair, another padlock had a letter scratched between the shaft entry points on the lock.

    There is no way to stop the criminal activities of Homeland Security agents without legal and legislative actions. Anyone who speaks out against the government could be targeted. I want the information requested in my FOIAs and public disclosure requests released and to know what agencies’ personnel and contractors are responsible for my repeated ongoing burglaries. I want restitution and damages for the incredible civil and criminal crimes which have been committed. There is no excuse for these criminal “Watch List” targeted activities. The Patriot Act needs to be repealed. Funding for black-ops, and the agencies and contractors involved needs to be eliminated.

    I am homeless as a result of the repeated, ongoing illegal entries and burglaries, as well as the harassment from one law enforcement agency that I reported burglaries to.

    There needs to be a congressional investigation into these criminal acts that Homeland Security agency personnel, agents, and contractors are engaging in. Please call your congress-members and request a congressional inquiry into the criminal activities of agents and operatives in Homeland Security Task Force Agencies and contractors. Also, if you know someone that can help as an attorney, please let me know as I have not been able to find an attorney to help me yet. Requests for help from the ACLU have been turned down.

    More information and photos are posted at:
    Thanks for your consideration. If there is no justice in your home country there is not chance for justice outside this country. Please contact congress-members to request an investigation and defunding of the agencies involved. Restitution and damages should be given to targeted individuals. If you know an attorney that will help me please contact me. If the truth about my case of targeting for criminal ops came out – and IT IS PROVABLE, he Patriot Act would be history over night….


    Crystal R. Starheart (206) 371-9430
    (Formerly known as Susan Diana Elmes before February 2006)

    • galen

      Hi Crystal, thanks for your comments. I just want to observe that asking Congress to do anything as like asking the fox to do something about the hens missing from the hen house!

      — galen

    • doug

      The real take-away message from this poster is that taking action is something to fear. The post contains nothing but emotional descriptions of the horrors and eventual homelessness you face by taking part in any search for justice. Summary of this post: stay away from 9/11 justice…or else!

      This form of fear-mongering is quite common in the media. Classic examples are news reports about police brutality during anti-G7 rallies, etc. Viewers believe that television networks are on their side by showing footage of police transgressions, but they are really in the service of the police and government bodies ordering these actions. They know that while most people will be outraged by what they see, it will also instill great fear in them, and any inkling they may have had about joining the protest will be quickly quelled. Simple, effective psychological ‘warfare’. The next time you see such stories on the news, be aware that it’s not for you…it’s for ‘them’.

      • Hi doug, i want to thank you for your insights… spot on!

      • Beneday

        Doug, this is a hazard of good deeds.
        I would not however say that a good person reporting her sufferings as a result of truth exposure qualifies as “fear mongering”. She has had terrible consequences, but we must neither silence nor misrepresent her, causing even more suffering! We should be supportive, and keep encouraging people that there is strength in numbers. Thank you for listening.

        • Karen

          I agree with Beneday. Read the post again, CLOSELY. These are not the words of a disinformant.

  4. My friend Judge Thelton Henderson (Senior Federal Judge) GOOGLE HIM ! He is behind the scenes ……… investigating the FRAUD of 9-11. He has already done One ruling (under gag order) and the REAL TRUTH about 9-11 will come out in 2014.

    After the Truth comes out…… The Indictments will FLY ! Bush/Cheney/Rice and many others will face Trial as Defendants and several to many people will spend A LONG TIME……In Prison. MARK MY WORDS ! STU

  5. Good luck.
    There seems to be some problems with this webpage: the following look like they should have links where it says {pop-up to….}

    How Do They Keep It ‘Secret’? …Control and Controlled Opposition On All Fronts
    > 9-11 Gatekeepers, Dupes, and Disinformation Dissimulators
    – {pop-up to Key 9-11 Disinformationalists and Gatekeepers}
    > The Media Is An Agent of State Propaganda
    – {pop-up to Key Media Collaborators}
    > Democrats and Republicans… A Fake Dialectic
    – {pop-up to Key USG Criminal Collaborators}
    > Government Agencies
    – {pop-up to Key Criminal Collaborators Who Do the Dirty Work}
    > Entertainment As Entrainment
    – {pop-up to Key Collaborator and Gatekeeper Entertainers}
    > Creating a Culture of Fear and Perpetual War
    > Who’s Your Daddy? …Money as a Tool to Control the Masses
    > The Anti-War Movement… Deliberately Constipated
    – {pop-up to Key Anti-War Gatekeepers}
    > Occupy Who? …We’re the House of Rothschild and We Support This ‘Revolution’!
    – {pop-up to Key Occupy Movement Gatekeepers}
    > Global Warming? or Global Climate Engineering?
    – {pop-up to Key Players in the Climate Change Hoax}
    > Freedom of Thought? …Academia as Mind Manipulation
    – {pop-up to Prominent Collaborators and Gatekeepers in Academia}
    > New Age or Newage (Rhymes With Sewage)
    – {pop-up to Key Players in New Age Meta-Lies}

  6. Alberta

    I applaud your efforts. There are many of us who have as yet formed no firm opinion as to the who-what-why of 911, but it is shocking and outrageous that a proper investigation was never conducted. Everyone who believes in justice should energetically support a campaign to conduct a proper, impartial investigation. This will necessarily ensue from any legal action you are able to take. Thank you for taking this initiative.

    • Beneday

      Hi Alberta, I believe you will find Christopher Bollyn’s book on 911 of great interest. Probably more than any other researcher, he has made extraordinary advances in learning what happened behind the scenes. Thank you for your good wishes.

    • Grand jury investigation can result in indictiments, conviction and prison time. Grand jury investigation is controlled by District Attorney. Pressure the District Attorneys of all the counties that the planes flew over; they all have jurisdiction because crimes were committed in all of them.

  7. This site is making me cry due to the overwhelming happiness I am feeling.

    I remember when 9/11 happened… I was but a small child in elementary school. We were gathered around the TV and basically all of us in class wanted to go to the Mid East and capture Osama ourselves…

    As I grew older I did more digging and now it has driven my life to find the culprits responsible for this travesty.

    If you could, can you keep me updated on what’s going on in your neck of the woods?

    I’m going to print off links to and put them on every doorstep in my neighborhood to start.

    I live in St. Joseph county in Indiana, and I am totally on board with this. I want to do everything within the power of our founding documents to bring justice not only to those who died on that day but to those who are still suffering from our tyrannical foreign and domestic policies that were ratified shortly after it happened.

    I can barely sleep anymore, but maybe if something GOOD comes out of this, we can work together to fight for liberty here in the States and across the world.

    Ryne Benjamin Trowbridge

    • Beneday

      Dear Ryne, Please get good sleep, as best you can – we all need the energies of those with similar inclinations! Remove all wireless devices from your home, since pulse-modulated microwave radiation (on which these devices operate) in wavelengths approximating body-part dimensions (which wireless devices do deploy), impairs immediately melatonin levels, sleep, cognition and more. Wire any wifi! Get rid of any digital TV box and cordless phones. Cords are good! They mimic biological systems (consider for example the myelin that protects electron flow in our neurons) and insulate us from this very harmful radiation. (This is my primary post-grad background.) Wishing you good health and energy for our common efforts!

    • Dear Ryne, thank you ever so much for your commitment to 9-11 Truth and Justice. Once enough of the right people know the truth of what’s happening in the world, we will see justice.

      We’ll keep you informed as the 9-11 Justice Campaign picks up momentum.

      All the best — galen

  8. I wish you all the best. I have lost hope of bringing the truth to the world.
    I think that crimes are also being committed by the media leaders in obviously censoring the truth. I would like to see dozens of journalists indicted.

  9. Larry Payne

    Great site. Well written and to the point.

    I was a member of Rocky Anderson’s Justice Party in Texas last election. Rocky’s campaign was a disaster and went nowhere. After the election, infiltrators were discovered in the campaign hierarchy.

    In selecting members of a grand jury, is there a dependable method to exclude infiltrators working for the perpetrators?

    • Cat McGuire

      Thank you so much for sharing that. Welcome to Jim Garrison’s world. The Panthers were terribly destroyed by it. Everything we do they infiltrate. You ask the perfect question. But in addition to excluding infiltrators, we must also ask How do we keep from getting caught up in paranoia and suspicion of our fellow activists? They have us coming and going.

      • Edken

        When an adversary chooses to ignore rules of fair play, and employs deception from many perspectives, bringing the truth out in the open is challenging.

        Creating the “up-wising” is do-able.

        We have the truth on our side…a very big plus.

        Be persistent and know that we cannot fail if we never, ever stop.

        Ed Kendrick

    • Hi Larry, thank you for your kudos and excellent point about infiltrators. Since the 9-11 Truth Movement is crawling with disinfo dissimulators, we fully expect that attempts will be made to infiltrate the 9-11 Justice Campaign,

      Over the years, i’ve developed a good sense for who’s for real and who’s an actor. The Founder’s Circle is currently only half a dozen and we thoroughly vet all nominees.

  10. The desire for justice is an innate human need. In this case it is opposed by the real powers which control everything in this country. Might makes right and those who rule from above the government have might in abundance and no laws to obstruct them. The true powers are masters of treachery, wealth, technology, influence, media and force. They have no equals or even any opposition they cannot control or eliminate easily. No one in history has ever attained this degree of absolute power before and they will never give it up. This is the nature of the world, raw power versus the powerless. For historical precedents think of slaves, genocide, Spartacus or those who were used for entertainment in the Roman Coliseum, not much justice there. Justice versus power, guess who wins in this no rules struggle? 12/07/2013

    • Beneday

      Good question, Jeff. Thanks for the important reminder!

    • Hi Jeff, i certainly understand where you’re coming from. The powers-that-were want us to feel that we’re powerless; this is exactly how they’ve controlled us in the past. The moment we stand together and say “no” to the Dark Overlords is the moment the shackles of our servitude will dissolve.

  11. Listened to your interview with the fellow in Japan (Corbett) and was impressed; posted the links to that interview and this site on my sub-domain You said something during that interview I wanted to ask about. Make no mistake; this is not a hostile inquiry. I’ve been an advocate for 9/11 inquiry, forensic investigation, prosecution and justice for nine years and am signatory as a “medical professional”. You said that the leading Red Shield-er flew in for a penthouse view the night before. [I sent my daughter, a grad student in Queens, an alert and the lyrics to the jazz standard “For All We Know”. It was she who e-mailed me the next morning.] What evidence do you have of this? As for the rest of the theory, the list of co-sonspirators, etc., you appear to be well-versed in the topic. Kudos. And I think you’e right about “the sponsor” (using the Drago model). It’s logical and supportable. But the penthouse view thing…

    I wish you the best with your campaign. Keep us all posted.

    • You ask an important question here. Over the years since 9-11 i’ve read two independent reports from credible sources that the current de facto Emperor of Earth did, in fact, arrive in NYC on 9-10 and rent a room with a view. Do i have the page with his signature on the hotel registry? No, Do i have the flight manifest with his name on it? No… he certainly would have flown on a private jet.

      What i do know is that the HoR has started every war and “revolution” in modern history, assassinated every leader they couldn’t suborn, is behind all the “false flags”, controls the global financial system, controls most governments, and leads the Committee of 300.

      Since the original transcript of Prescott Bush’s Trading With the Enemy Trial was destroyed in WTC 7, what proof do we have that the grandpappy of the Bush Crime Family was charged with treason?

      If you want to do a little research, find out who else just happened to be visiting NY or DC on 9-11 and London on 7-7.

  12. Open Eyes

    Will the future grand jurors use the same techniques on the co-conspirators as some of the co-conspirators authorized to elicit evidence? Are we talking water boarding?

    • Edken

      Using the neocon’s reasoning, water boarding would be justifiable. We’re not advocating compromising our humanity to bring them to justice. The rule of law must be restored.

      We do understand your reasoning, however.

      • Open Eyes

        I was in high facetious mode. sorry you took me so serious.

        • Edken

          Emails often are lacking in conveying meaning and tone. So, taking things literally can mistake another’s intention.

          I’ve made the same suggestion about using water boarding to interrogate…as necessary. The high road would be to use civilized, rule-of-law methods that demonstrate we are above the tactics of those who have subverted our Constitution and set back the progress of the human journey to a pre-Magna Carta style of governance and tyranny.

          No harm done. Worthwhile discussion regarding how we approach bringing the real perpetrators to justice.

          Ed Kendrick
 Development Group
          Charter Member of Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth

  13. Open Eyes

    Whenever you set up an email list — to send notices, updates, etc. be sure to put my email on it! Thanks.

  14. John Newby

    Common Law Grand Jury is the right of the people.

    I don’t fully understand the procedure for the Grand Jury, but it appears that 25 people are needed in the county in New York where the WTC buildings were located. It would seem smart to go after the little people first, such as Peter Jennings whom we know had prior knowledge of the attacks. Also, the designers of the new WTC Building 7 may have had prior knowledge as well because construction on the new building 7 began in May of 2002 which seems rather quick for a 52 story building.

    • I certainly agree with the overall consensus which everyone seems to feel within their hearts. It is time for Common Law Justice of the people to arise. Just in case you were not already aware — there is an event underway right now concerning The Common Law Grand Jury in New York State. They and other states (48) already have many counties who have registered Common Law Grand Jury members. You can find out all about it here:

      So — let’s all get going and find our particular niche in this rapidly growing grass-roots movement which is springing up. Everyone — regardless of our differing opinions can be involved in this — but it does require a bit of education and comtemplation.

      The genuine Rule of Law must be established asap.

      The sooner the better and the less chance of violence and chaos. The Criminal Cabal in control already knows that their Totalitarian Fascist/Communist New World Order will never be. Some of these traitors of the people will hold out until the very end and go down in a blaze of gunfire — however — the best way is through US absolutely insisting that the genuine Common Law be fully establish EVERYWHERE. That means — the fair — just — and merciful removal of this Criminal Cabal from ever again wielding any power over anyone. They must be brought to prosecution by the Common Law Grand Jury Of The People.

      And — bitter vengeance — anger — and hatred must also be greatly tempered by genuine and full impartial Justice through Common Law by the people.

      Let us learn from the past and not repeat the mistake of angry — frustrated — and violent hatred based upon revenge which always leads to a complete miscarriage of true justice. Also — those kind of inflamed emotions lead directly to blindness and foolish mistakes and overreactions which are counterproductive. We must leave it to the blind Justice of equitable Common Law.

  15. John R. Prukop

    Peter Jennings Dies at 67

    ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings died August 7, 2005 at his home in New York City. He was 67. On April 5, Jennings announced he had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

    One wonder if Jennings had any of the WTC thermite dust in his lungs, which have claimed so many other lives?

  16. Kelly

    Happy New Year to all….. 2014 the year of Justice

  17. Open Eyes

    Evidence of the 5 Dancing Israelis needs to be part of the grand jury case. This fellow Keith Maart layed out alot of evidence and info for an indictment in his December 28, 2013 piece-by-piece analysis. Check it out.

  18. anonymous

    “This third episode of Ken O’Keefe’s Middle East focuses on 9/11 and whose fingerprints are all over this false flag event.”

    • Edken

      The link to this episode is on our home page. O’Keefe’s presentation about who did 9/11 is the broadcast we’ve all been waiting to see.

  19. You and your ILK, like Larry deserve to be “crucified” by a bunch of Muslim Jihadists

    • Edken

      In their eyes, our crime is exposing the devils’ criminality.

      Devils are unrepentant and ruthless. They kill the truth.

      We continue to expose the synagogue in Washington, D.C. for being the puppeteers behind the scenes.

  20. Will a common law court cause fear in those who think things like the United Nations is trying to take over our country? Those folks have their own version of New World Order.

  21. Suze

    911 will not go away!! Nor should it! The whole world suffers over a decade later! Let the chips fall where they lay. If the Israelis did it with cooperation of USA traitors so be it! Let the light of truth shine on the lies of 911. 911 is worse than any holocaust because 9 billion people seem to be targeted for elimination by the Jews we have protected for way way way too long. They are the enemies of the whole earth and they are not even Jews they just say they are. They are parasitic satanist who have stolen the identity of the true Israelites. We have been scattered to the four corners of the earth and only God not G_d , I’m talking Almighty God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel. Will restore the kingdom and bring new Jerusalem with him. Every knee will bow and every tounge confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! The synogue of satan will be crushed. No human republic can be restored without repentance.
    2 Chronicles 7:14
    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    ________________________________ WILL YOU REPENT AMERICA?________________________
    Could you be one of the Israelite people from the lost tribes? Where is Israel? It’s not that piece of dirt over there that used to be called Palestine. You have been dispersed. He who has eyes see!
    You can’t even manage an apology to the Muslim world. Maybe it’s your mind control but I suspect it’s

    The kingdom of God will restore everything. HE WILL SEPERATE THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAF!
    Think NOT He comes in peace!

    Matthew 10:34Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

    34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    He comes to SEPERATE the just from the unjust. He comes to put all back in place. God bless the seekers of truth. Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. God bless all you watchers never stop, never surrender, what do we have to lose? These flesh bags? Glory awaits the true children of Israel. – Romans 8:19Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    19 For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.

    Come King Jesus come!

  22. I wish to help but am unclear how. Your work is outstanding and speaks to the global picture i see, the solutions demand and desire. My research and heart have led me here to you who see the bigger picture. Thank you.

    • John W. Stanis

      The Bigger Picture you seek is felt by all Christian Patriots in America for closure. I can tell you to start your action is with Petitioning the Common Law Grand Jury in your state or, go to the website for more information on how to start a Petition for True Bill of Presentment. If, you can present any factual information concerning 911 Attacks for 911Truth and Judgment Action.

      • Edken

        I have yet to see any advocacy for exposing the crimes of 9-11 by National Liberty Alliance. NLA seems to be another controlled opposition group–making busywork and avoiding strategic initiatives (like 9-11 lies, chemtrails) which would gather a large following. The ‘academics’ of NLA are largely lost on an uninformed and disinterested population.

        • John w. Stanis

          Don’t give-up, the people at NLA handle thousands of crime cases. The 911 Attacks was done by professionals and highly trained personnel with technology skills that defied the properties of physics and science in specialized fields of Engineering and Aviation. Not many layman or persons in legal law would understand its workings and is very difficult for lawyers to make a case when Trickery of illusional Imaginary is used by the 911 Perpetrators and Traitors.

          The NLA wants you to understand your Rights and is a web page to get educated and to protect your Rights. Don’t blame them for not yet tackling 911 Attacks issues. Be patient The Holy God is working; Amen

        • John w. Stanis

          Dear Fellow Members,

          I Love America because, I was shown God People Love, Kindness and Understanding to one another and to respect human rights and values that was afford to We the People Common Law and in all parts of the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights POWER that protect, serve and defend its People Unalienable Rights by God Spiritual Powers.

          With all due respect, the 2016 president candidates speeches and platforms promises lack any serious answers. And, any personal affairs and matters does not belong in the campaign debates. They are ALL missing the points in representing We the People concerns and important issues that our country is establishment on and founded by our Founding Fathers spirits and faith to end the tyranny and oppression by the ruling Elites and Royal King of England Reign in America.

          All True Christian Americans should tell the president candidates one thing ” TELL WE the People,The TRUTH” .

          We the People, demand Truth and Justice from our government representatives not mouth and lip service with false promises and secret negotiations for the Party Elite Secret Society. WE demand that all candidates swear an Oath to the People Issues. Since 911 Attacks has brought on all our problems. WE need to resolve ongoing 911 Questions and Legal Matters. The 911 Truth Movement for New 911 Hearings against the Perpetrators and Traitors. That, caused the Terrorism, Mid East Wars, Economy Crisis and accumulated the 19 Trillion Dollars Debt in America by both Parties(Two Headed Snake). Only, to generate more doubt and uncertainty for the direction our country is headed into.

          Therefore, The True Terrorism of America revealed in Evil Acts on 911 Attacks against the Working Class People. To start Wars in the Arab Nations in support for Israel Policies. And, the Cabal Global Markets and Elite Agenda Reign of Power in the New World Order(NWO) in America.

          If, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump wants the Western Voters support and choice as The Constitutional Republic Presidency. Then, in their campaign speeches he must start covering and mentioning serious matters that brought America at this point in turmoil.

          Start, by telling the truth about America Cabal Secret Elites Society Actions and Plans that involve the United States and the United Nations acts against Sovereign Nations for the Global Plan for Depopulation of the World by over 3.5 Billion People.

          Start, by telling Americans that you would REPEAL ALL Former Presidents actions such as: The Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act, Marriage Act, Gay Rights Act and all other Acts and/or Bills that is desecrating The Christianity and Morality of God Loving People . Those Acts and Bills does place disadvantage to Americans Liberty, Rights and Freedoms by our past and present government officials actions.

          Start, by telling the straight truth about the 911 Attacks in America that caused all our major problems and PTSD for Americans.

          Start, by telling We the People our Systems of Justice is corrupted by minion representatives from the Cabal Secret Society Reign and Slush Money Funds.

          Start, by telling the People, Unborn Babies are God Creations and is a Living Being. Not to be used for experiments and parts for medical transplants and/or, cloning.

          If, any president candidates would DO THIS. They just might bend the Ears of The Voters and We the People.

          Respectfully, John W. Stanis, NM

  23. Thank you so much for doing what youre doing. The world needs to know. The corrupt people of the world need to repent or surely God will punish them. I pray for each innocent life killed because of our corrupt leaders. God have mercy

  24. The Universe does not forget the killing of children. A democracy is now the leader in killing innocent women and children. Since WWII the US had killed more than Mao, or Stalin or HItler, or Khan, or any other tyrant in History. And we have not even had a dream – MONEY. And in 2015, without a press, we do it in silence.

  25. John Wells

    9/11 Special Prosecutor NOW !!

    Only New York citizens have standing to “MOTIVATE” Governor Andrew Cuomo, call. write , or email today
    (, respectfully asking that a Executive Order be issued that would appoint a 9/11 Special Prosecutor of eminent standing, Patrick Fitzgerald would be a excellent selection. Finally, justice for the many families who have lost loved ones in a tragedy that never should have happened. This is doable.

    9/11 Special Prosecutor NOW !!

  26. John W. Stanis


    For, We the People know what the problem(911Bushwhackers) for the Party Campaign Elders lack support and want Jeb out and to remove Bush’s from the Republic.

    Remember 911Bushwhacker’s AND CABINET roll in the False Flag assault on American and the Officials Conspiracy Theory in 911 Commission Report of disinformation, cover-up and using Fake Computed Data for Science and Evidence to stage a WAR ON TERROR against Americans. PLUS, what, President Cabinet lost 2.5 Trillion Dollars(DOD) and then on 9/11 the U.S. Pentagon was hit with a Global Hawk Cruise Missile. What, former president worship the Devil (Skull & Bones 322) Occult Brotherhood of Bones Men. Who, mention the Ideology for a New World Order(The Old Man) and the Oligarchy of Powerful Men controlling the world under the United Nation Agenda 21 and Common Core Policies. And, what former Governor of Florida, enact Military Executive Order(EO) four(4) days before the 911 Attacks on America???

    On 9/11/2001 where was George W. Bush and his brother Governor Jeb Bush of Florida, protected by Florida National Guards and what caused Jeb Bush to Order an Emergency/ military action in Florida 4 Days before 911 Attacks? When his brother George was also in Florida during the 911 Attacks ? Do you thing Jeb knew the plot of the Twin Towers and Pentagon bombings and to use his Florida Power, EO for military as protection when in the event all hell broke-out and points to Bush and Cabinets leaders treasonous actions in the 911 Attacks. That, Florida would be their haven.

    As Gov. Jeb Bush stated herein for Florida,
    On Friday, September 7, “Jeb” signed Florida Executive Order No. 01-261 which states, in part: “I hereby delegate to The Adjutant General of the State of Florida all necessary authority, within approved budgetary appropriations or grants, to order members of the Florida National Guard into active service, as defined by Section 250.27, Florida Statutes, for the purpose of training to support law-enforcement personnel and emergency-management personnel in the event of civil disturbances or natural disasters and to provide training support to law-enforcement personnel and community-based organizations relating to counter drug operations. This Executive Order shall remain in full force and effect until the earlier of its revocation or June 30, 2003.”This Fla. EO places the Florida National Guard (which is not a lawful militia), a unit of the Federal U.S. Army, in control of all Florida law enforcement (State FDLE, County Sheriffs, and local PD’s) and the Florida Emergency Management department (Florida’s FEMA under federal FEMA control). Remember, this was 4 days before the WTC disaster . On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, Pres. “G.W.” was in a Sarasota, Florida classroom reading a story about a pet goat when his Chief of Staff whispered in his ear about the WTC “terrorism”. Rather than attend to this national disaster, “G.W.” continues to read the goat story to these second grade children and then, 30 minutes later, makes a brief statement to the press . Governor “Jeb” then signed Florida Executive Order No. 01-262 immediately after the second WTC tower fell. Florida was the first STATE to declare a “State of Emergency” and did so before New York State or the Federal Washington City leaders did, yet there were no “terrorist” incidents that had taken place. Florida EO 01-262 states, in part: ” I hereby declare that a state of emergency exists in the State of Florida… The authority to suspend the effect of any statute or rule governing the conduct of state business, and the further authority to suspend the effect of any order or rule of any governmental entity… The authority to seize and utilize any and all real or personal property as needed to meet this emergency… The authority to order the evacuation of any or all persons from any location in the State of Florida, and the authority to regulate the movement of any or all persons to or from any location in the State; The authority to regulate the return of the evacuees to their home communities… I hereby order the Adjutant General to activate the Florida National Guard for the duration of this emergency. “There is no declared expiration of this Florida Executive Order. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Florida is now under martial law and will remain so until this EO is revoked. We tried to warn the people of Florida about this in 1998 when our State Constitution was changed in order to allow this to take place, but no-one listened. See “Martial Law Now Legal in Florida” from Rense Report.
    The atrocities of the BUSH’S Family and his Jewish cronies from Israel(dual citizen) has done to America through the Bodies of Government, their PNAC and CFR committee’s actions in passing legislation for the Patriot Act has desecrated America Declaration of Independent, The Bill of Rights and all its parts. Plus, caused the biggest Illegal Bailouts in history to the Wealthy Financial Tycoons to billed a 19 Trillion Dollars Debt for every man, woman and child in America.

    Wherefore, the 911Bushwhacker’s can all go home and wait-out the turmoil in their minds and physical body(IF YOUR NOT THE PREY YOUR THE PREDATOR) from the knots at their doors with their Jewish cronies that is coming by the Guardian of Warriors, The Holy God People. For, their Eternal Souls ROT and placed in Hell for the end of time so say The Lord Jesus Christ; Amen. Respectfully, Christian Patriot JWS

    • Edken

      Jeb and family probably need some time to pack their bags in their move to Paraguay where there is no extradition treaty with the U.S.

      • John W. Stanis


  27. John w. Stanis

    Dear Fellow Friends and Members

    I would like to expand on the subject matter that one of our Thrive Members posted about God Is Pure Energy and involves everything in Though, Action and Form(TAF). We are experience the Age of Enlightenment where WE are waking-up our Spiritual Energy of God Pure and Holy Consciousness that encompasses ALL His Universe of: Motion, Movement and Vibrations of all Matters and Substance in which WE all are feeling and responding in our emotions and behaviors to an event or action.

    That, is why so many Truth and Justice Movements and Parties are exposing the Evil Acts throughout the world from our social media the World Wide Web(Energy Vibrations) from the Force of Light and not the Dark. People hearts and minds are vibrating throughout our bodies because God Is Communicating with us and revealing Satan Subtle Works against Humanity; Amen,

    Therefore, I am asking all Members to sign a petition to expose the devil and his demons works on 9/11/2001 against We the People and America Establishment Under God Law. Here is the Website to take action and to seek closer for the families and victims of thousands of Working Class People. Thank you and God Bless, Go To: www. and Spread The Good Vibrations!

  28. John w. Stanis

    God Is Pure Energy

    The People hearts and minds are vibrating throughout our bodies because God Is Communicating with our Souls and revealing(seeing) Satan Subtle Works against Humanity; Amen,

    Therefore, I speak in behalf of many Movements and Parties For Truth and Justice that are rising-up throughout the United States concerning God and The People Common Law that is the Law of Nature. In which, our past and current government bodies are lacking and not focusing on the People Liberty, Rights and Freedoms in the Letters and Spirit of the Founding Fathers intentions to live under the Words(Bible)of The Holy and Almighty God; Amen.

    Now, We are facing a time to elect a new Leader for America and the People. To insure and entrust that The Words and Intentions of all parts of God Laws in The Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights and its Amendments that are of/by/for The People and NOT FOR THE PARTIES AGENDAS. To defend and secure the Sovereignty of America under God Law that provides Save Guards against Tyranny, Oppression and Dictatorship from inside government, private sectors and/or any foreign assembly of bodies that are not for The People Unalienable and Natural Rights under God Law.

    However, We find other Man Made Acts that has appear to been passed by our bodies of representatives in government and in the courts that have violated our SAVE GUARDS against Evil Acts that We the People disapprove. Thus, the intolerance of Evil Acts passed by the past and present government Officials shall not withstand in any Christian Society that lives by the Common Law.

    Therefore, The Truth and Justice Movements and Parties wants back The People America. Our, government representatives have been brainwashed and tricked into passing Evil Acts by the Cabal Elites and Secret Society of the Wealthy and Power Freaks that wants to control the world. Under, their subterfuge, schemes and activities for a New World Order, fronted by CFR and The United Nations, Agenda 21.

    Since, America 911 Attacks, the True Evil Acts of Terrorism raised its head in America against its own People from the Bush Administration. The Bush’s Skull & Bones 322 Occult Secret Society of Devil Worshipers and the 911 Perpetrators and Traitors with Dual Citizen-Ships to Israel and United States in TOP Level positions in the Government Cabinet Offices of officials/officers that, knew and had beforehand knowledge(Able Danger) in 911 Attacks that allow it to happen against the Working Class People of America.

    Furthermore, We the People do not believe the Cover-Up of the Official Conspiracy Theory and/or The 9/11 Commission Report in its entirety any longer. We the People demand a New Independent Hearings and Committee Hearings from our government representatives in the Act of Treason and Conspiracy in 911 Attacks(False Flag) Operation. We demand that all Acts be Appealed by Official’s in the Former Pres. George W. Bush Terms in Office; violated the People Common Laws.

    Wherein, No one is above Evil and Sins in the sight of God and No Reign of Power is greater than The Love of God. Evil in any form and action must and will be exposed and judged by its People under all God Law.

    I know that there are many social issues that WE(Groups) take-on daily that effects America Interest and the People concerns for fair treatments and help in personal difficulties that protect their Rights. Also, to protect United State Land Reserve, Environmental, Industrial, Educational and Health issues. However, We have to resolve the past Capital Crimes and Corruptions committed by our Official’s rogue practices and actions against its People and our Country Establishment.

    Wherefore, We must come together in one accord by all Parties for seeking 911 Truth and Justice for the Free World and in His Word that Created the World.

    IN CONCLUSION, I know not all People can understand or, will deny the UNTHINKABLE ACT given the TRUTH AND FACTS for THE 911 ATTACKS. But, to those People(Congress and Senate) in positions and authority that can do the right thing and invoke this Gift from God. We must use our blessings(Energy) to fight the Evil on Earth. Thus, our hearts shell be heavy for not stepping forward to expose and judge THE EVIL ACTS: TREASON, CONSPIRACY, CAPITAL CRIMES AND CORRUPTION by Official’s actions.


    Mr. John W. Stanis, AFA Member, Tea Party Member and 911 Justice Campaign Member

    Advocacy : 911 Missing Flt Passengers and Flt. Crews, A&E911 Truth Movement

  29. Truth

    Us goverment is not for the people anymore!

  30. The USA is being played by the State of Israel (again). This remark is purely a political observation. Any attempt to discredit it by portraying it as anti-Semitic is irrational nonsense.

    Below is a link to some observations about controlled demolition as it was demonstrated on 911.

  31. Amy Gibbons

    It has been clear to me for a very long time that PNAC men, Bush, and Israel did 911. Nothing else makes sense. Intuition along with pertinent information makes it precisely clear. There are too many coincidences,, and very curious deaths that took out people in the know deemed threatening. What a corrupt government! It has been going on for a very long time beginning in 1913 with crooked Wilson. It is now out of hand and I would bet most people are afraid to say or write anything given the NSA and FBI etc spying protocol. How outrageous!

    Thank you for having the guts to tell it like it is. I pray Americans will wake up and see how we have been lied to, enslaved, and abused. We pay too many taxes and too much – all for the play toys of the Pentagon and govt war hungry narcissists. Lets spend that money on the homeless and making this a more fair and equitable world. Lets take care of our own instead of letting thousands of illegals come here to do harm to us and waste our hard earned money that will be a debt forever unless we get rid of the federal reserve, a crooked idea if ever

    . Economically Obama has destroyed this country and seems to enjoy giving away things that are not his to give. He enjoys announcing his regular edicts which again is extremely concerning and shows he has no
    respect for life, for Americans or for this country.
    It is extremely depressing but with sites like yours, it is inspiring to think this can be stopped.
    Who is not amazed and shocked to see Comey on tv admitting to Hillary’s crimes and then saying he is not
    going to take it further. Loretta is worse – a woman who won’t stop babbling so no one else can talk.

    If there is a place where all the Americans can come together and demand that the 911 truth be told.
    it would be the answer. Sort of like the very private dark web only for those who wish to make an effort
    to stop this corruption. There are tons of sites that declare what happened and yet, nothing is done and
    people who are just common folks are really not able to stand up to Big Criminal Government. Look at the whistleblowers sent to prison when they should be national heros. Many are now totally broke with no future for doing what no one else had the guts to do.. Many people have been killed for speaking up. There must be a way to join together and get this turned around.

    Personally, I feel we need to vote everyone out of office who is in office and require term limits, require
    the way the elections are held and votes counted to be corrected, and demand this country is once again
    on the path it began. It is time to stop the lobbying – should be illegal. Government for once should control the elections and make it illegal for anyone else – any corporation or any individual – to fund or donate to
    an election. It should completely be re-done. And get rid of the corrupt Supremes. Corporations are human beings? Really!!!

    Europeans know the truth about 911 – and many of them in the US now all agree that the US govt did 911 along with Israel. If they know this, why is it that Americans are so stupid? Media – so lets get rid of the media that is biased, unfair and reports only drivel = we need a group from the 911 group to start a new
    way for media – organized, open to all (each can be an owner by donating a dollar perhaps) and get this
    country back on track again. Just need a leader to bring this together. We have been waiting since 911
    so I pray it is finally time to make things right. And finally, I would like to state I am a Christian and believe
    in the salvation of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Why do I have to read about Islamic thought all the time while Christianity has been all but eradicated (to hear the press and crooked politicians talk). We are in deep trouble.

    God Bless You! thank you for your efforts to advise the public of the truth.

  32. Marshall Treaster

    Excellent video.Will you have copies that we can purchase? I would like to own my own copy to show family and friends.

    • Edken

      If you are referring to the Ken O’Keefe video, copies of this can be purchased from the

      Until you have DVD copies in hand, I suggest you copy the URL (web address) of the video and place that web address in emails to your family and friends.


  34. I would like to raise another scenario: We forgive them and start a whole new civilization. We accept that we were as much to blame for their psychopathy as they are just like we are all broken and wounded or most are. We just start another system in tandem with this vile one. Those who want to come on do, those who don’t can stay with this vile one. The bedrock of the new system is that everything is legitimate and we all have as much right to life as everyone else and as every other creature even a bug. So we don’t base our lives on eliminating anything (except our bowels of course!) We instead develop ideas on how to live in coexistence. That must be our main objective because we are all unique beings. We all deserve to live freely without someone threatening to smash our face in if we don’t do as they say. It’s ok to give orders, it’s ok to say anything because that is what free speech is all about. But what do we freedom-loving coexisters do with the psychopaths and their cohorts who believe in authority? These are the ones now who threaten life on earth. But why not make a new system one that benefits them more than this one? How else can we persuade them to come over to the light side? Certainly confiscating their assets and jailing them is not going to be very persuasive I am sure. And we must remember, we are dealing with some very, very, dark forces. And they are cunning as hell. So we’ll have to offer something that at least appeals to their cohorts and by sheer volume, bears pressure on the psychopaths in the upper echelons thus making it harder for them to prosper. Although they will prosper in ways they are too sick to recognize – they will be forgiven but we will live in a world that is free and where coexistence is everything. There are systems we can develop to support these ideals. We only have to decide that’s what we want.

    I submit that chasing these psychopaths will be a full time job and they will still win, because they will be leading and we will be pursuing. We can complain about them all we want – we don’t have a picture of the kind of life we want to live and how we should feel by being alive on this planet. It is about time we did. And doing that is powerful. It is optimistic and it creates another reality.

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